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Organic & Grass Fed Beef

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Whole Beef

BOSS raises or sources Beef from farms which practice pro-active holistic and biological farming principles.

Our meats are chemical and pesticide free, true free range, (some are certified organic) and are free of grains or mass production methods.

You tell us what you want and we can source it for you.

  1. Choose Beef - If you want certified organic or just grass fed beef then let us know. You can also browse our Farmer Profiles to see who we source Beef from and even select a farmer you would like to support. We sell whole animals so you can organise sharing the cost with friends and family. They average 160kg of edible meat
  2. Invoice - Once we have sourced and scheduled the Beef, we will provide you an invoice for payment with the weight of the body and the final price.
  3. Choose Cuts - You can specify how you would like your organic beef cut up. We can discuss your options with you.
  4. Pick Up - Once we have finished you can pick your meat up from us on the farm, we can organise delivery, or you can pick up from one of our regular markets.

Get yourself some delicious, affordable beef and support local farmers.

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Organic Grass Fed Beef

Organic Grass Fed Beef