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Kelvin Falls Family Farm

June 18th 2015

Kelvin Falls Family Farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and take a lot of pride in caring for the land which helps sustain their livelihood and way of life.

The property is located in Elbow Valley, near Warwick in Qld. It has been in the O’Dea family for over 140 years. The current custodians are Andrew and Rowena O'Dea and family. 

From their website:
"Over the years, the family business has diversified into different farming enterprises.  The traditional sheep (wool) and cattle (beef) have always been the main focus, however, pigs, goats, small crops (tomatoes/zucchini/potatoes) lucerne hay and other crops including forage oats, barley, wheat, have also been experimented with, some successfully!  In more recent times,  we have milled hardwood timber, which has been used in many projects around the property, and our most recent investment has been the solar farm, which can be seen on our two large sheds."

Grassfed Beef

"We do not use any hormone growth promotants, or grain supplements to artificially enhance their growth rates. Our cattle are carefully and strategically grazed in planned rotations which provide the native pastures time to fully recover before cattle are returned to the paddock". 

They run about 200 head of cattle, the breeding herd is a mix of Angus and Droughtmaster; (along with a few grey Brahmans). These are joined to Angus, Senepol and Charolais bulls. Their breed selection and farming practices creates a more flavoursome meat, which has a high level of omega 3 fats and is much better for your health.

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