Butcher Of Salted and Smoked Meats, with a range of Fresh Organic Grass Fed Beef, Organic Lamb & Organic Pork. Gourmet Sausages, European Smoked Sausage, Salami, Krakowska, Kabanosy, Chorizo and much more.


June 9th 2015

BOSS is committed to offering you the best class of organically produced, humanely raised beef, lamb and salted and smoked meats.

We choose to service a clientele which demands the best in taste, quality, safety, purity as well as demanding the highest level of animal raising and meat production.

And we look to the future with excitement and imagination:

  • To take the product from paddock to slaughter, to butchering, smoking and sausage-making, ourselves, on-site

  • This mean less stress for the animals, total quality control and an even higher standard product for our clientele

  • Soon we hope to open an on-site, farm door tasting room

  • Just like our neighbouring wineries you will be able to drive in: taste, eat, discuss and purchase

  • Welcoming, enjoyable, different, easy.

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