Butcher Of Salted and Smoked Meats, with a range of Fresh Organic Grass Fed Beef, Organic Lamb & Organic Pork. Gourmet Sausages, European Smoked Sausage, Salami, Krakowska, Kabanosy, Chorizo and much more.

Salted & Smoked Meats, Organic Butcher

BOSS Meats (Butchers of Salted and Smoked Meats) satisfies the meat and salami palates of discerning, health conscious, aware, connoisseurs, seeking the highest quality product.

Check out these BOSS standards:

  • Certified organic or true, free range, pasture fed animals

  • Free of steroids, antibiotics, hormones or growth promotants

  • Gluten free, with no artificial preservatives, chemical residues or pesticides

  • All animals grown in humane, free range environments,

  • hand processed entirely at BOSS Meats

And all our products are...delicious!

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